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Meet Tish

William R. Tisherman, under the pen name W. R. Tish, has been writing and speaking about wine and food for over two decades. Like Cher, Sting and Kermit, one name does the trick. Everyone knows him as Tish.


The Pittsburgh native’s first brush with wine was proofreading for Les Amis du Vin wine society in suburban DC. Stung by the wine bug, Tish moved to New York as a founding editor of Wine Enthusiast. He steered the publication for a decade as a spunkier, funnier alternative to Wine Spectator, then went on to write for numerous wine magazines and websites—earning a reputation for both comic relief and on-trend commentary—and founded Wine For All in 1998.


Through Wine For All and the Institute of Culinary Education in Manhattan, Tish has developed events for a variety of Fortune 500 corporations, industry trade groups and law firms—not to mention private parties that would make Bacchus envious. Having first honed his writing at The Harvard Lampoon, his approach to wine veers naturally toward comedy. At the same time, his extensive experience in the trade—most recently at Beverage Media and SevenFifty Technologies—ensures that delicious and interesting wines are always in play.


Wine For All brings the humor hammer to gastronomy, as captured in Tish’s motto: “I drink, therefore I am; I eat, therefore I am more.”

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