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Get a glass full of humor
along with great taste.

  • What’s hip & trending in wine

  • What’s flat-out delicious

  • Where the real values are

  • What’s the next big grape?

  • What the heck is terroir?

  • How to make any wine taste great!  (hint: add food and air)

"Tish was 6 out of 5 stars!"
-- Rebecca & Chris Rosencline

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From 2 to 200, private parties and corporate events. Specializing in:

  • Pop-up wine bar

  • Birthday & holiday parties

  • Guided tastings & seminars

  • Wine dinners, wine auctions 

  • Team building, fundraisers

  • Bachelor(ette) parties, weddings, bar mitzvahs

"His wine knowledge is second only to his wit."
-- Tim Free, It Was A Good Year, Inc.

Ready to taste?


Curated for creative hosts

Like a DJ spinning the right tunes for the dance floor, Tish has created Wine For All events to fit all kinds of groups and occasions. Here are a few examples:

Wine + Wellness

The question is not “Is wine good for you?", but rather how good is it. Plus, is ‘organic’ important?

Sexiest Wines

From corset-wearing Champagne to Barolo beefcake and sultry Pinot Noir, these wines can shake the bed.

Fearless Food Pairings

OK, you heard that popcorn goes with bubbly, but what about Doritos? And truffles, for that matter?

A House Call...
To Your Office

It’s time to redefine happy hour—in the office, with the perfect mix of wine education and workplace bonding.

Wine Myths Busted

The truth about sulfites and calories in wine; the “honeymoon” effect; how wine ages; and more.

Wine Etiquette Primer

A hit at B-schools, covering everything from how to speed-scan a wine lists to minding your table manners.

Listen & Taste: 
Wine Meets Music

Breaking new ground here, we pair wines with music that alters their flavor, aroma and more.

Customization Situation?

Turning 50? Prepping for a European vaca? Just closed a big deal? Special moments deserve custom events.

Need help shopping?

Even if you know what you like, wine shopping can be challenging and time-consuming. Let Tish take the guesswork and legwork out of the process.


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