While our specialty is custom events to fit specific groups and occasions, every now and then we just have to throw a party… with a winey twist, of course. Some recent wine+fun events:

"Wines @ Summer" Walkaround. Quaffworthy whites. Backyard reds. Radiant rosé. No Chard, no Merlot, no problem. Click here to check out the recap.
trendolicious Trend-O-Licious® – From Bierzo to biodynamic, ruddy rosé to righteous Riesling, kitchen-sink blends to outside-the-box packaging, a roundup of wines that are both trendy and delicious. 
funniest Funniest Wines in America –If red goes with meat, and white goes with fish, what kind of wine goes with rubber chicken? Rib-tickling reds from Oz, witty whites from Napa, even the perfect foil for cupcakes!
sexiest Sexiest Wines in the World – Elegant bubbly in a corset, silky Pinot Noir, voluptuous Cab, strapping red Zin… and many more wines that melt in your mouth and make you weak in the knees. Click graphic for the full Monty, so to speak.
martha The Martha Stewart Roast – The Domestic Diva moved to the ’hood and tried to trademark the name of our hometown, Katonah. Mistake. We roasted Martha… with a mix of un-neighborly wines and “good things” to eat (cribbed from her 1980s cookbooks).
wackiest Wackiest Wines Anywhere – Time to eat, drink and laugh (though not simultaneously). Featuring foodie standup and truly wacked-out wines, from French Rabbit and Bad Bunny to the official wine of rock-paper-scissors.