Comedy is a subtext of much of what we do at Wine For All. And why not? Where there are good wine and good people, mirth is sure to follow. Here is a sampling of Tish’s humor writing, and a stand-up set as a “recovering wine critic.”

skewer 2007 2007 April Fools Day “Wine Skewer” - Stories include: New Food Topper closures storm across France… Spectator goes fractional… Trump & Rosie, vino à vino … Riedel introduces wine mug … Cork fights back.
skewer 2008 2008 April Fools Day “Wine Skewer” - Stories include: A “Pointless” wine bar … Green wine smackdown … 100-point Hall of Shame … New releases, from Bull Red to Bring-Your-Own-Celebrity wine.
dregs report Dregs Report (April Fools Day 2009) - A rollicking, Drudge-esque parody of the wine trade and media, done in collaboration with dozens of bloggers. Click here for the full Dregs Report; or here for Tish’s contributions, including Bernie Madoff’s Long Island scheme, James Suckling’s makeover, Separated at Birth?, and more…
dailyFeast The Daily Feast - For AFD 2010, we went to town on wine and food alike via the Daily Feast Parody. Targets include Ruth Reichl, Stephen Colbert, Gary V, Jersey Shore, spa treatments... and a Mexican wrestler?

Tish at Broadway Comedy Club, 2008

Find the Hidden Yquem!

Of all the world's liquid riches, none can compare with Chateau d'Yquem. Fruity yet honeyed, unctuous yet tangy, and with a sweet-funk finish that lasts longer than a presidential campaign, Yquem stands alone among dessert wines, and has the power to make grown men drool uncontrollably. Can you find the hidden bottle?