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Now Pouring: Have Ethics Become the Difference between Wine Bloggers and Wine Writers?

One of the pleasant side effects of being a wine professional is the opportunities that pop up involving our favorite beverage. Take, for example, one that arrived over the weekend. A fairly large, fine-wine-oriented distributor was looking for volunteers to pour at their portfolio tasting on a Monday, in Manhattan, in September. Said the email: […]

Buying Guide Label Deception, Part Deux. What's Wrong with Charging $$$ for Labels?

Y’know, I was going to try to sit down and analyze the three glossy buying guides in (in)glorious detail. However, contrary to appearances, I do not really consider that a good use of time. I traveled down this road before, in a two-parter published in Wines & Vines {July & Sept., 2006; happy to email […]

Deception and the {Subtle} Art of Wine Label Reproduction

Deception, by nature, is often hard to spot. And hard to define. After all, in many cases deception itself can be a matter of opinion, and on top of that there are matters of degree. The recent blog- and forum-driven storm over wine-writing ethics has focused on factors that can be very hard to get […]

Announcing the E-cademy of Worldwide Wine {Eww!}

It has become clear in recent months days that what is clearly needed in the wine world today is education. Yes, education. But not about wines, and their myriad combinations of distinctive grapes from far-flung places. We’ve got that part settled. Everyone who knows anything about wine knows: it’s all about personal taste. Find and […]

Wine Writing Ethics part 2: a Can of Worms

Yesterday, ethics were represented by a big gray blob. Today I pry open the proverbial can of worms, replete with a Rockaway twist. Consider the following dilemmas: Dilemma #1) In February I accepted a fellowship to attend the fifth Professional Wine Writers Symposium in Napa Valley, sponsored by Napa Valley Vintners and held over three […]

Wine Writing Ethics – a big gray blob

OK, I am finally blogging, having been spurred on by the recent invigorating posts related to wine-writing ethics over at my compadre Dr. Vino’s blog. The topic is way too broad to resolve or even present in one post, but it is certinaly a fertile place to start. I used to have six-bottle wine bag […]