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Tales of Taste #1: Dalla Terra {and the Golden Age of Wine}

Fresh off the rockin’ “Wines@Summer” Walkaround at ICE this past Friday, I am kicking off a week of Tasting posts. Five tastings I’ve been to or led over the past few weeks that help solidify my contention that we are, right here and now, living in the Golden Age of Wine. In May, at the […]

Alcohol: the Devil is in the Details {So why won’t major American wine media run %s in reviews?}

When I teach wine classes, I make sure to announce the alcohol percentage stated on every bottle we sample. Why? Because it matters. Let’s start with a simple reality. Alcohol is as much a part of a wine’s identity as the vintage and grape composition. It is the lovechild of fermentation. The whoopee in your […]

When Wine Really Goes Outside the Box {presenting Octavin, the new eight-point star of wine packaging}

OK, when I first read the press release for the debut of the Octavin Home Wine Bar, I just had to laugh. Out loud. Since when, I asked myself, righteously and rhetorically, does a bag-in-box wine qualify as a wine bar? But my curiosity was sparked. As I have long been a fan of the […]

Where’s Hardy? Wallace AWOL? Not Goode! Plus: Whine Radio? Say Wha!

Remember the Where’s Waldo books? A modern classic series back in the Age of Print. Big hardcovers that opened to panoramic cartoons of countless people in quirky settings engaged in practically every possible human behavior except fornication. And somewhere on every spread stood Waldo, hiding in plain sight: round-frame glasses, goofy-cool striped hat, smile. The idea […]

Fall Forward? Palate Present?

Labor Day has come and gone. It’s now dark by 8:00. Time to stop wearing (if not drinking) white. I’m all for pushing ahead to Fall. But first, must clean the cobwebs off the blog by sharing some summer leftovers and good news about things ahead…

Friday Frappe: Riesling as the People’s Wine {& More}

Riesling rocks. Life is not a blind tasting. Nor should it be. I was delightfully reminded of this slice of vino-veritas this week when running a wine bar at a cocktail party for a group of about 100 NY metro alumni of a prominent business school. It was a completely unscientific and yet utterly real-world […]

Great News! Cash for Clunkers Program Extended to Wine

Listen up, wine lovers: Fermented grape juice and hulking SUVs have something in common besides ethyl alcohol as an ingredient. The federal Cash for Clunkers program has been extended to wine. The Wine Skewer has learned that thanks to secret negotiations hammered out this weekend over copious quantities of nondescript Merlot at an undisclosed wine […]

Now Pouring: Have Ethics Become the Difference between Wine Bloggers and Wine Writers?

One of the pleasant side effects of being a wine professional is the opportunities that pop up involving our favorite beverage. Take, for example, one that arrived over the weekend. A fairly large, fine-wine-oriented distributor was looking for volunteers to pour at their portfolio tasting on a Monday, in Manhattan, in September. Said the email: […]

Is it Finally Sexy Time for Wine? New Import Portfolio Goes Straight for the Crotch

It was bound to happen. Ever since porn star Savanna Samson started her own wine label—Sogno Uno, in Italy with the 2005 vintage—it was only a matter of time before a full-frontal line of sexually charged wines was unleashed. Thanks to the folks at Porneauxxx Imports, a brand new firm based in Hoboken, New Jersey, […]

Mergers & Mayhem in the Wine Biz as Economy Continues to Swoon

It’s July, and America is still sweltering amid the extreme high pressure front of the Great Economic Downturn. Wine is not immune. In fact, the econo-doldrums have prompted some surprising, even outright bizarre, measures on the part of wine makers and marketers. To wit, consider the following wine ventures that the Wine Skewer—exclusively, mais oui—has […]