tishWine For All is a full-service wine-event firm founded in 1998 by W. R. Tish (known to many simply as Tish), who has been writing and speaking about wine and food for two decades. Tish spent much of that time as the editor of Wine Enthusiast, positioning it as a spunkier, funnier alternative to other wine magazines. Since 1998 he has written for publications including In Style, Details, Private Clubs, Better Homes & Gardens, Wine & Spirits, Wine Business and Beverage Media. He also writes a monthly column for Westchester magazine.

As the proprietor of Wine For All, Tish has developed and led events for dozens of Fortune 500 corporations and law firms—not to mention private parties that would make Bacchus envious. He has also led specialized seminars for the wine trade; taught at the Institute of Culinary Education; served as an auctioneer for charity wine auctions; and in July 2006 became a certified instructor of Bordeaux wines.

Tish with his magic wine-and-food
pairing glasses.

Considered an expert on the wine trade and trends, he has been quoted and featured in The New York Times (on wine ratings) The Los Angeles Times (packaging) and the Chicago Tribune (food-wine pairing).

Tish’s approach to wine events veers naturally toward comedy; he cut his humor teeth at The Harvard Lampoon, and does standup in Manhattan as a “recovering wine critic.” His unique and entertaining approach to gastronomy is captured in his motto, “I drink, therefore I am; I eat, therefore I am more.”

In 2009 Tish started his own blog, Tish's Wine Skewer; and was the founding editor-in-chief of PalatePress, an online wine magazine. Starting Summer 2010, he will be the wine columnist at SnobbyNewYorker.com.

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